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The Blind 5 Year Old

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be approached more like a philosophy rather than strategy. We often hear of how to cheat the system or hack your way to the top but the aim should be about optimizing your website to help your customer gain as much from your website as possible. I love how AJ Kohn sums this up with his analogy of a “blind 5 year old”.

He explains that the way you need to write content for your site is to explain it to a “blind 5 year old” child. Search Engines like google, yahoo and bing are looking to provide answers to their customers questions. That is the business they are in and if they do not provide good answers to the queries they are given then they lose the customer. This is why you have to work with them and not try to “game” them. You need to provide the answers that their

You do need to tell search engines exactly what a page is about (a couple of times) and where to go next. In short, search engines are easily distracted. Sound a bit like a five year old?

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