Effective Education Produces Affected Customers

Effective Education Produces Affected Customers

Information Reveals the Problem

Lets use a real world problem and allow us the opportunity to educate you and empower you to make a buying decision for where you should host your website.

Information Example:

WordPress powers more than 1/4 of all websites on the internet. Because of its popularity it is constantly being improved and secured and updated often.

Most hosting companies now promote that they provide Managed WordPress Hosting and mean that they updates for your WordPress core and plugins via an indiscriminate automated tool. When there is an update to core or plugin it is pushed to your website without a need for you to intervene.

Doesn’t this sound great? I mean you have so many other things on your plate and probably don’t know much or care to know much more than your site is up and working right? But all I have done is provide you with information about what an automated tool can do for you. I haven’t educated you truly on the problem that exists.

Education Affects the Problem

So lets try this again and let me sell you on Managed Hosting at Distance Training Pro.

Education Example:

WordPress powers more than 1/4 of all websites on the internet and there are more than 50,000 plugins available for you add to your site. Each plugin developer writes their code and tests it agains the most up to date version of WordPress available. Every time WordPress updates their core code base each of these developers needs to update their code to make it compatible with this new version. Its a lot for each developer to keep up on.

Because each developer of their plugin or theme is only concerned with their functionality with the WordPress core and cannot be expected to test the compatibility of their code against any other developers plugin and theme conflicts are unavoidable. Automation brings about automatic conflicts. 

At Distance Training Pro our Managed Hosting understands that updating any part of your website in most cases will cause conflicts with other parts of your site. We go beyond automatic updates and work through compatibility issues before updating so that we are constantly keeping your website up to date and conflict free.

Caused a bit of anxiety haven’t I? But armed with the small amount of education wouldn’t you rather have a company that understand the day to day aggravation of managing your site rather than just building automation tools that may break it?

The Difference

In a perfect world Managed Hosting should mean the same thing to everyone everywhere, but it doesn’t. Competitors offering information about a solution without educating you as the customer about the realities is really only selling you sunshine.

By educating you as my customer I am affecting your decisions. Well that is my hope, we do all have free choice in the matter. But I have done more than that, haven’t I? That is a fair bit of valuable education isn’t it? Do you think it will influence where you host your website?

Here is my hope, I hope you call and talk to every Hosting Provider and ask them whether or not they provide conflict resolution in their Managed Hosting packages. If you do this then I have gained your loyalty and I hope that you will share this education with anyone that has a Managed Hosting Plan.

Do you have the same issue with your product or service? How do you separate yourself from your competition?

And by the way you should contact us to talk more about our Managed Hosting Packages, we would love to give you the education you need to make the right decision for your website.