It is our desire that our clients uphold a standard that promotes responsible use of their website.
We reserve the right to modify this page from time to time to reflect a more accurate example of the agreement.

Keep in mind that this includes all customers/clients that visit and comment on your site, you are responsible for their actions and reasonable monitoring is expected.

Prohibited use:

  • Explicit images/videos – any use of images that are deemed not fit for ages 18 and younger are not allowed.
  • Explicit language – foul language, discriminatory or defamatory language is prohibited. Keep it PG-13 folks.
  • Political Ideals – We encourage free thinking, however, we do not allow defamatory language to be used against the government, persons directly or indirectly related to government, military or military personnel.

Our desire it that common sense and moderation would be your best guide. It is for your benefit and the benefit of your customers/clients that you maintain a good discourse with anyone interacting/viewing your site.

We want your business. It is our desire to make these things known so that we can help you maintain your website. If a violation occurs, lets talk about it and remedy it together. We don’t want to be a hinderance, we want to help.

If we are unable to remedy the situation please see our Refunds Page for more information on how to cancel your account.